Maintenance & Inspections

Inspections are where we start. Maintenance is how we keep you flying.

The root of the business is aircraft maintenance. We strive to provide excellent service and attention to detail in all aspects. Here we are experienced in a wide range of aircraft and engines with manufacturers instructions and maintenance manuals at our disposal. We service multi-engine, retractable, turbocharged and amphibious planes with ease.

We offer inspections as prescribed by the FAA and aircraft/engine manufacturers. These most commonly are Annual Inspections. Many of our customers enjoy knowing that their annual inspection is charged upon a flat rate*, where they know how much the bill will be before the work is started.

Other inspection types offered are:

  • Conditional Inspections as required for aircraft with an experimental certificate.
  • 100/50 hr inspections for commercial/rental aircraft and those part 91 pilots who desire.
  • Pre-purchase inspections are strongly recommended prior to the purchase of a used aircraft.
  • “Special” inspections often you may need just a component (i.e. propeller, engine, wing, etc…) inspected. We often work with insurance companies for larger inspections, and are able to perform some of these inspections away from home.

* Flat rate annual inspections are based upon manufacturer’s checklists and labor allowance if provided. This often includes a 3 to 4 hour additional fee for the initial inspection due to time to compile an equipment list and research all airworthiness directive notes. This fee is not charged after the first annual inspection.


Alterations & Repairs

When it is time, you know what you want. We are here to help.

When your plane becomes damaged or just out of date, we can help. Minor to major repairs and alterations are a common tasks for us.

Some Recommended Alterations:

Shoulder harness, folding rear seats, standby vacuum systems, vertical card compass, larger engines, S.T.O.L. kits, Cleveland brake kits, alternator conversion, strobe lighting…

Some Common Repairs:

Leading edge damage, window replacement, low cylinder compressions, cracked carburetor air boxes, worn seat tracks, hydraulic pump failures, de-ice boot deterioration, interior upholstery repair and replacement…


Weight & Balance

With our electronic scales, we can accurately weight your aircraft and provide an exact empty weight and balance. It is encouraged to periodically weight an aircraft to “zero-out” years of negligable weight changes from minor alterations and repairs.

Operating a digital aircraft scale system that will determine the precise weight of your plane, we can provide you with a current empty weight. This is extremely useful if you have had several minor alterations or little weight changes that may add up to a noticeable difference over the years.

We produce an attractive color spreadsheet print-out showing weight as read from the scales and a listing of how the empty weight is derived from the Manufacturer’s Type Certificate Data Sheet. Also include is a side-by-side comparison of the prior weight and balance report to the current.

Our report is easily customizable to allow various alterations, such as with wheels or floats, cargo pods installed or not, back seat or jump seat, or any other configuration you may need.

For $200.00 (single engine, land) we will configure your aircraft for an accurate weigh. This includes, removing your personal effects, placing the plane on scales, leveling the aircraft and weighing the plane. The empty weight and center of gravity will be determined and printed for you (multiple copies as requested.) The plane will then be returned to you as received. All we ask is you deliver it with full fuel tanks and all maintenance logs, to include the original manufacturer’s equipment list.



Vertex Aviation Services is currently a factory authorized dealer for these very important companies or just particularly enjoy working with them. We are capable of installations and service. Often, we can offer pricing lower than the factory published list price. Please consult their products and call us for a price offer.

  • Engine Monitoring Systems Electronics International offers engine monitor systems with superior support. They have several options, from simple gages to deluxe packages. As a dealer for Electronics International, Vertex Aviation Services can offer you competitive pricing for products and installation.
  • Float Installation We have a crew of experienced amphibious float installers, our preference is Aerocet Floats, but we are experienced in others as well. Aerocet Floats have developed the finest fiberglass float system on the market. We are proud to be associated with this company and look forward to every opportunity to work with them and their products.
  • Vortex Generators Micro Aerodynamics vortex generator kits are quality under-sold. These little fins are raved about on many aircraft owner forums. As a factory dealer and located with-in walking distance, we can offer the best pricing and speed of installation. We offer pricing for the whole kit sold to you or a package price if painted and installed at our shop.
  • Powerflow Exhaust Easily installed on many models. New styles have small tail pipes.


Light Sport Aircraft

We see a strong need for the new light sport aircraft owner to have a qualified and experienced maintenance facility at Skagit Airport. Currently Vertex Aviation Services has been working on becoming this provider. We have experience in several areas of Light Sport Aircraft already and have immediate plans on offering Certified Rotax Engine service. Jabiru aircraft and engines are an area that we are familiar with.

We are beginning to stock speciality oil (Aeroshell Sport Plus 4), and tools for the Rotax engine. Our inventory will grow this spring and summer, so please stop by a see what we have and mention what you would like.


Rotax Certified Technician